Prime parts components are designed to work together to maximise component life and engine performance.

  • Prime parts are designed to match the individual engine characteristics across the whole Perkins engine range, to fit first time and saving on costly downtime.
  • Prime parts restore optimum power and fuel efficiency and are supported by the FG Wilson Prime parts warranty.

The Risks of Using Non Genuine Parts

  • Non-genuine parts are designed using reverse engineering (copying an original component). Manufacturers of non-genuine parts do not have access to FG Wilson / Perkins technical data and drawings so these parts are designed and manufactured in isolation from the rest of the engine.
  • In most cases, the material specification is rationalised, so there is a real risk that these parts will not fit correctly. This can result in rapid wear, compromised performance, poor reliability, higher oil and fuel consumption and even component damage or engine failure.
  • Suppliers of non-genuine parts will only provide a small range of the high-volume part numbers. They will not support the complete range of Perkins engine. Warranty will not be covered if non-genuine parts are fitted.